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Are you just not sure what future you want to pursue?

If you are not sure what you want to do, and if you enjoy being outside, working with your hands and working with others - then you should consider a career in construction! If you are not sure which construction field is right for you, check us out we are offering classes in the following trades( Plumbing, Welding, HVAC, Carpentry, and Electrical). Pre-Apprenticeship can help you decide and make sure your qualifications will meet the industry entry-level standards.

Benefits of the Pre-Apprenticeship Program:

Pre-Apprenticeship programs are a great way to start exploring careers in construction. These programs cover basic tools and materials, offer an overview of each trade, the qualifications and skills needed for each trade and on-the-job training, and related instruction. The programs also offer career-entry advice and emphasize the importance of succeeding in school and in the workforce. Pre-apprenticeship experience is very helpful when wanting to apply to a registered apprenticeship program.

Registration opens in August --- Classes will begin in the Fall, and end in the Spring of the following year.

Must be 18 years of Age or older
Must be physically able to do the work.

(To register for classes at the Belle Glade location, call 561-829-4620.)

Interested? Please fill out the Contact Form below for more information!

2019-2020 Updated North Tech Calendar

North Tech Pre-Apprenticeship 2019-2020 Calendar

2019-2020 Updated West Tech Calendar

West Tech Pre-Apprenticeship 2019-2020 Calendar

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