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About Us

Florida Training Services, Inc is a consultant firm that has been in business since 2004 and has over 45 years of experience working with Registered Apprenticeship system in the State of Florida.

F.T.S., Inc. provides many services to any Industry or existing Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor looking to enter and currently working with the Registered Apprenticeship system by acting as a liaison between the Industries/Programs themselves and the State of Florida Apprenticeship Registration and Local Education Agencies. F.T.S., Inc. can assist with development, management, and administration.

Each of these programs meets the standards required for Registered Apprenticeship and is registered with the Florida Department of Education, Workforce Education Apprenticeship Section.

We at Florida Training Services, Inc. believe that the Registered Apprenticeship training process is the most effective method for any industry, for building a better skilled/productive workforce as well as a better future for Florida families and the economy.


Amanda McGinley
Chief Administrative Officer
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Jeff McGinley
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Jimmie Major
Program Coordinator
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Latise Kennerly
Office Administrator
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